Vegan food in Chinatown

We spent a night in Boston the other day and found this fantastic thai vegan café called My Thai, in Chinatown. Very well made thai food with the freshest veggies and brilliantly prepared and flavored meat and poultry substitutes. Simple entrance and decor but the food totally blew me away, and the prices were extremely affordable too, $7-10 USD per meal.

An impressive amount of people has commented on my shrimp eating the other day btw, "Aren't you vegan?!?!" well, if you have followed this blog for some time and read my writings correctly, then you should know that I have never claimed to be a perfect vegan. If you want to hear it for the third or fourth time: I eat and cook vegan food most days and on most occasions, but I do still enjoy fish and seafood and I have absolutely no intention of quitting that at the moment. In particular not when we live by such a beautiful coastline where lobster fish and seafood comes in abundance. I also have not called myself A vegan.

Now go try out that vegan café if you're ever in Boston, you won't get disappointed.