Southern hospitality

Sorry, that should have been 380 miles in 48 hours, not 28 hours. Dead tired last night. Although we occasionally made a progress of 13 knots due to the strong Gulf stream, we definitely did not average that. Especially since we many times had to divert from our course escaping squalls and thunderstorms, the remnants of tropical storm Chantal. We sailed quickly with the gulf stream for the first 150 miles or so, but then it slowed down the closer we got to the coast of Georgia and South Carolina. Despite our extreme tiredness, we left the marina last night to grab something to eat in town and what an absolutely adorable city this is!

When still in Miami and Palm Beach of Florida last week, I was almost a little worried that America was only that: commercial, eccentric and on average pretty superficial (which you know I occasionally love indulging in too so no need to feel offended), but arriving here to one such charming Southern city as Charleston, makes me more aware of what a diverse country this is. I absolutely love the people around here. Everyone we've spoken to from the friendly guy that gave us a ride into town and the other ones we chatted with so far - the people of this city seem to posses such a humble, warm and genuine attitude which reminds me of natives of towns and smaller cities in Europe. And their accent... the sleepy, Southern dialect is just adorable. I've previously only heard it in movies but to see and hear it IRL is a little surreal and way too charming. We're also totally impressed by the architecture and the extremely well maintained facades of such old style houses and buildings. I did of course forget to put back the flash card into the camera before going out for dinner on East Bay Street last night so no images of the city center as yet but tonight I'll definitely make my best in documenting my version of what these quaint surroundings looks and feels like. 

Thank you everyone who have sent us tips, emails, and comments here on the blog and on our Facebook site. Keep  'em coming please!

Image was taken when we sailed underneath the Arthur Ravenel Jr Bridge yesterday afternoon.