Shrimps and crickets

Last night, we went back into town on a mission to try out some local food that we had been recommended. East Bay is a lively street full of great bars and restaurants. It's a little confusing for us to go for dinner while the sun is still up, we are used to the Caribbean sunsets that leaves everything in darkness around 7 pm. Here we have light until at least 9 in the evening. 
Southend Brewery located right in that corner.
A blonde lager please!
A baked brie with tomato chutney and flatbread was ordered in by the guys.
Here's the main reason we got here, the local Shrimp and Grits! Maybe you don't know what grits is cause I didn't know either, but this Southern meal has the consistence of mashed potatoes and tastes in between that and rice, but is in fact a sort of maize porridge made from ground corn. Little similar to polenta I would say. Pretty good I think and it blended very well with the flavorful and tasty shrimp stew.
Fish n' chips.
Dark by the time dinner was done.
Headed over to a lovely wine/cigar bar for a glass and a smoke.
 Where we met these two happy gentlemen.
After that we wanted to try out some pralines and chocolate at the famous Charleston's Candy Kitchen.
Something special caught my attention..
Crickets marinated in salt n' vinegar!
Crickets! Who'd eat that voluntarily? Maybe the ones baked in bacon n' cheese would suit y'all better?