Bedroom thoughts

Best method to fully appreciate what one has in life, is to change environment and settings often, and try to variate as much as possible between high and low to not get too comfortable in a regular modern lifestyle we all are used to at one point or another in life. Who'd knew it can feel this wonderful to sleep in a large bed for example. It's just a normal queen size bed with soft clean sheets and perfectly composed pillows, but it feels like a dream come true laying around in it, enjoying long sleep ins and early bedtimes.  

Our bed on the boat is pretty comfortable too, looking at it from a boat and sailors perspective, but 110 cm in width and 90 cm to the ceiling could be considered slightly claustrophobic for two when comparing with what we've got here today. Add to that the unforgiving tropical heat, hot sweaty bodies and a poor old 12 volts fan trying to keep us chilled out and it wasn't always as romantic as it might sound. Still missing it a little bit though, it has its charm to be tucked inside your own little ship, listening to waves lapping on the hull. Truth is that during almost the entire of our relationship, for more than three years, we have slept in small tight boat bunks. Bodies always intertwined. Every single night. I guess there will come a time when we can't wait to get back to it but for now it feels good with some space and less need for acrobatic movements. Or space for more, if that's what you had in mind. Other things I'm thankful for and what feels kind of exotic here back on land:

Walking barefoot on well cut green grass.

Sunlight until 8.30 pm and not only 6 pm.

Boundless electricity for laptop and other gadgets.

Car to disposal (as opposed to a dinghy), and a short ride to well stocked grocery stores and organic farms.

Big city/cities nearby when that sort of lust needs to be satisfied.

Reliable wifi connection at all times.

Large bright airy kitchen with plenty of storage, a big reliable oven and four stovetop burners.

Unlimited water supply. Cold as well as hot water which is there as you open the tap, without us having to produce it first or carry it around half an island in heavy jerry cans.

Life on land offer so much more comfort and less hassle/physical work which on a boat sometimes can be a real pain having to go through. On the other hand, living on land offers less freedom in moving around in between countries and islands, and less sense of overall independence, not to mention the weather - but it's good to know both worlds to be able to fully appreciate each. Very thankful to our dear friend Michael for the opportunity to make this place our home for some time this fall and probably winter too if all goes as planned.