How are you everyone? Was a while now we had some real communication and even though I have my hands full hanging out with my other loves - my wonderful and energizing friends - I kinda miss y'all. 

There's been many comments and question in the last few months that I haven't really had the time to follow up so here goes some:

Q: What was the soundtrack (of our last video)? Gotta find it on spotify!
A: It's the beginning of this set by Doyeq

C: You must be missing your man! Enjoy your friends and free doctors (jealous!!!).
A: I miss him like crazy! The bad thing with being away from someone you love and are so used to have around 24/7 is that it feels somewhat empty and even weird at times. The best thing with it though, besides me getting to spend some time with my beloved friends and Alex some much needed time with his family alone, is that longing reminds you of what with the other person that you love and miss the most. Especially important is it to take some time off each other from time to time, when you live like two leeches onto each other like we do on the boat. But yeah, I do wish to be back with him asap and can't wait to bring him with me again to Gothenburg next time, in not so distant future.

Q: What are your plans for your stop in the US?
A: If I knew, I'd tell you. We are totally open for a change right now: meaning to live on land, explore opportunities, discover new options, plan on the next big thing, take some proper time to analyze our situation and our needs and wishes for the future. The only thing sure we know is that we want to be together and be healthy and happy, wherever or however that is achieved doesn't really matter, but it is the finding the right way, the next road, that is the clue right here right now. We do look forward to have a break from sailing and boat life for some time as we will be living on land. We were originally supposed to sail around the whole world in two years, remember, but we have more than half of the globe left and it's been almost three years now so there's obviously some proper planning and reorganization to do. Something else that is very apparent within us is the terrible longing for the Med. South Shore of Boston is great, especially since NY is so nearby, but as both Alex and I are extremely weather sensitive and winter is here in no time, something tells us we won't be staying in New England for too long unless we find the greatest ever meaning of staying there. Which you never know when that happens, life is curious and interesting that way and we're currently pretty flexible and openminded. Peace, love and happiness are the most important things in life so as long as those ingredients are plentiful, with minimum stress and annoyance added, the rest will show up when time is right. Money is also an important aspect of a sailing journey like ours, and we should soon be making a few decisions on how to get some fresh new incomes streaming in again. It's been a while since we both worked full-time, having been freelancing both of us during the whole of this trip, and we're obviously a bit tired of that sort of financial instability too. Good thing is that we have some time to think about it all and when not in desperate need of stressing with a decision, answers should be popping in eventually.

Q: How has the first time as a vegan been treating you?
A: I think that from the very beginning when I first mentioned my new diet a few months back, I declared that I am in no way interested in placing my eating business in any name category. Some days I eat vegetarian, most days I eat vegan food, some days pescatarian... so let's drop the vegan designation please. So how has my new diet been treating me? Pretty good, thanks for asking! First weeks I received a shit load of energy and I had very hard to sleep and stay focused for some reason. Now I feel I'm pretty balanced but I've lost a lot of weight due to the fact that I eat almost no eggs and milk products (a piece of halloumi or chevré here and there though) and no pork, red meat or chicken at all (though I cheated the other morning with a tikka masala when super hungover and felt my body was in need of proper protein). So besides the fact that it feels very good to stay true to my own belief which is that it is important to cut down on supporting the evil factory farming industry, I'd say my weight is the major difference now. I've almost lost a little too much I must say and my ass is tinier than ever before. If only assercise weren't that boring... Training and workout is of course as important as always but even without it my body is stiff and firm like I have never seen it previously which is kind of interesting, though somewhat scary as the pounds just keeps falling off myself. I also eat very little sugar and almost no processed food these days and that isn't exactly helping in keeping fat on my body. Other than that, I truly enjoy noticing how strong my self control is now compared to previously in life.

Q: What are you going to the doctor for? 
A: I have an issue with my eye. For the last few months I've had terrible pain behind my right eye, a pain that appears only when having spent some time with the computer and/or too long time in strong sunlight. It's like there's a nerve behind the eye, inside of the head, behind the eye globe that is twitching very painfully when I expose the eye for too bright lights. I've been to one doctor so far and as she couldn't see or feel anything abnormal, she told me it wasn't anything to worry about and therefore I still have no remiss (what's the word in english?) to an eye specialist. It could also be something wrong with the head itself, I think, but in that case it would be pretty weird that it's affected through the light in the eye? The other thing I have is a lump on my left foot. I just got confirmed from two doctors that it is a piece of cartilage that has grown pretty abnormally underneath the ankle, giving the impression I have two ankles, and it could be removed if I wanted to but I'm not sure I'm interested in such a painful undertaking at the moment... we'll see. Any eye doctors around?!

More QnA up shortly......... let me know if you have anything else on your mind.