If you don't follow me on my instagram @tarutuomi or us on our Facebook page, you might not know that I have returned back to the US and to Rhode Island where I yesterday reunited with Alex, his family and the boat. I first made a quick pitstop in Amsterdam (image) and right from there back to Boston Logan International airport where I, tada, found another mirror. If anyone ever thought I was a self-absorbed narcissist before - that narcissism knows absolutely no limits now that I have a new iPhone and an Instagram account to my disposal. Having been living on the sea for around three years, I haven't really been up to date with that part of communication before now, and I can easily say that instagram has lately become some sort of sick obsession of mine #betterlatethannever. Let's hope the nonsense is just a phase that I go through.
A bus stop made in Providence, and the view over Mt Hope bridge that connects Rhode Island towns Portsmouth and Bristol.
Finally back together again. After two weeks of intense summers vacation spent with my friends in Sweden, I had at this point lost my voice for some reason (too much smoking I believe) and was almost about to fall asleep in my lobster roll too. Delicious lobster roll, by the way. They know how to make em' around here.
Newport town by night, so very beautiful and quaint but extremely cold in the evening. Since it's only August, I don't even dare to think about what the temperature will be in a few weeks from now, uugh..
Mmmm, brought some Swedish cod roe pate to the boat. My favorite sandwich spread.
Duende moored at Bristol Yacht Club. Alex isn't overly excited about the fact that there will be plenty of soy based cooking onboard again haha.
Paid a visit to the Herreshoff Maritime Museum this morning. Also had a walk through the charming town of Bristol.
Here we are in the museum that shows the history of the family that has named our boat. 

I have been such a slacker with the blog lately, my apologizes for that. As soon as we are properly installed in our new land-based home a few miles away from here, I shall be more active on the blog again. Until then, keep an eye out for us on Instagram and Facebook if you like. See you soon x