On land now

We've finally arrived with the boat to our new temporary home, a little town slightly South of Boston MA. Pretty weird all in all. An odd transition from our tropical boat world that has become our every day life. One moment I can feel that I love the peace and stillness of the nature that surrounds us in the forest where we stay. On the other hand I am wondering when we can leave, continue out sailing. Head South for something warmer again. Here in Boston it seems the winter has arrived before summer even had its peak. Most days are freezing cold, I know that some of you like it like that, but compared to how we have lived during the past two years in the Caribbean and South/Central America, it's different, and takes some time to get used to. The famous New England weather is what is served here: Sunny, rainy, stormy, warm, overcast, sun, rain again and ice-cold ghosty evenings -  all in one and the same day. 

Despite the schizophrenic and not so warming weather and temperatures, it is still pretty interesting this whole new thing, new chapter or whatever it is. We don't really know how long we'll be staying here or what'll be the next move onwards when we are done with what we need to have done here, but if nothing else, it is kind of intriguing to not really know what future has in store. New York, Mediterranean, Cuba, South Pacific are all places we would like to return to/live in or explore for a lengthier time. Possibilities and choices are endless like always, we just have to make up our minds, and isn't that sometimes the hardest part in life. To know what one really want the most when there are so many options out there? All we know for now is that it's pretty sweet to live on land in a big house as opposed to a small, tight boat on which we anyway have lived for three and a half long years. Feels good to stretch legs and walk on solid ground so to say.