Another aspect of American culture

Michael and his lovely mother invited us to go on a real Boston event last night. Or it was in fact Michaels sister that kindly gave away her tickets to us all, so thank you Mary! 

The closest I've ever come to baseball before is the baseball glove that Alex have insisted on bringing with us on the boat all over the globe. He played baseball (as a pitcher) in Division II in France when he was younger, who would have thought? Even if I've known it for years, I still can't get my head around the fact that my Alex has played baseball, sounds too weird. But then again, it probably isn't very thinkable to some that I (among many other sports) played soccer for seven years of my life either. As a goal keeper haha!

Boston's Red Sox is the current leader in the American League East so it was extra fun to see them win over White Sox on the beautiful traditional ballpark Fenway Park last night. Like on many other sporting events, the energy and ambiance on the stadium was contagious. I've previously mentioned that since we've been sailing for three years or more, I haven't been surrounded with so much technology and haven't kept myself up to date with what's new, so it was interesting to watch how every second person around us instagrammed away like there was no tomorrow (myself being guilty of that as well obviously). It is a sick world that we live in these days, a world one both love, embrace and feel frustrated about at once. During the game, I also thought about how incredibly much money the team owners and organizers must make. 3-4 games against the same team in one week, and the stadiums are apparently always full. Then the extraordinarily high prices of just a can of beer, $8.50 USD for a small can of Heinken that goes for a dollar in the store, probably half of that at wholesale. Not to mention all the caps, hats, t-shirts, cups with printed logos. It's a very profitable money game.

Even so and regardless of who brings in the most $$$ of these games, I did enjoy watching all these people in their best optimistic and hopeful moods, sharing a good time with everyone around. Now only a proper action game of NHL hockey that's missing. Looking forward to see one later this winter.

The man with the stick walking on the field on image #8 is John Odom, one of the survivors of the Boston bombing that killed three and wounded many more in April earlier this year. John was watching his daughter running the marathon when the bombs went off, sending shrapnel deep into his leg, severed two arteries which made him unconscious and had him on life support for ten days. He's now undergone eleven surgeries since then and is slowly but surely recovering.

P.S: My t-shirt was found second hand at the local thrift store, child size, but a bargain at only $2.99! My earrings are from my favorite jewellery brand We Dream In Colour.