My current mantra goes something like this


There are several smaller as well as more profound goals with our staying on land and in order to achieve those, all clutter and non-necessities must be removed and avoided accordingly. Being an easily distracted person who on land often fall for temptations such as dining and wining and hanging out enjoying life rather than making use of my full potential in any other more important area, it is a gift from universe that we have been offered a quiet place to stay that is close enough to Boston (and NYC) for a well needed city break every once in a while. But far enough to make it a somewhat complicated and uneasy everyday/every week excursion. 

We literally live in the forest, ten minutes walk from the rugged shoreline. Our neighborhood is quiet and the only sounds surrounding us are the sweeping sound of wind drifting through the birch trees, birds singing, the occasional rain pouring down our windows and crickets and frogs playing their concerts in the evenings. 

For the same reason it has been good for my soul and mind to live on a boat and sail for such a long time that we have done. As nature, quiet peace and simple living seem to be the best elements to incorporate in ones life in order to reach deeper spiritual insights, as well as stay focused on what's good, and not only what is fun. 

We all have various shades in our personalities and we need a certain mixture and variation to feel fulfilled and content in life. The challenge, it seems, is to portion the different events and nuances in life in a comfortable yet progressive manner. I often look at life as its traits were positioned on a balance scale - pleasure, enjoyment and social events on one side. Achievements and work/spiritual progress on the other side. Both equally important as driving-forces in life where one doesn't work without the other, while excess of any given side puts us mentally, physically and spiritually off balance. 

Too much of anything in life can feel wonderful and stimulating in the moment. But on a long term perspective - which is what my young spontaneous self have to learn more about as I grow older - it is necessary to incorporate self-knowledge with better self-control to successfully steer oneself in the right direction. Even when carefree distractions are lurking right around the corner.