Food, food, food

Cooking, baking, eating and food photographing is taking much of my waking time at the moment. Creating and experimenting with healthy, nutritious and conscious food choices, and when time allows i might share some of the results with you. Can only say that i am in love with almond milk, especially the type you produce yourself. Comes handy in so many concoctions. Also loving the fact that in addition to the lovely kitchen we have in the house, I have free access to a wonderful large commercial kitchen that I can play around in as I wish whenever I wish. A food lovers dream come true and such different baking and food making that can take place now in comparison to on the boat. So many stove tops and ovens - so many options and opportunities.

And a question: If any of you have some experience with natural egg substitutes, could you please let me know which method/product that you prefer?