Lighter now

Duende seem to be happy to be back in colder waters where she was made forty two years ago. We'll keep her in the bay for another month so we can take advantage of some beautiful fall sailing before it gets too cold. She's all emptied out of most of our belongings and since around one and half tons have been removed, she's now more nimble and responds quicker to the wind. It also seems the weather helm problem we've had before, has been rectified a little. It is pretty obvious though, since she was never meant to be used as a live aboard cruising yacht, and even though we like to think we have been living very minimalistic, it quickly adds up once you move your whole world into one vessel. Also good to see exactly how much stiffer and more solid she is compared to when we first got her two years ago. Easier to get a realistic picture and feeling of all the work that has been put into her, now that she's empty and only carries the absolute minimum in weight. We'll definitely have to make sure to pack lighter the day we decide to get back out on the blue road.