Morning choice

Instead of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, a semi-burnt slice of homemade wholeweat bread with a thick layer of bitter orange marmalade spread on top is what Alex prefers in the morning. That is, now that he's cut down on his nutella addiction, and if there's no croissants to be found around. In any case, I think I'll stick to my fruity smoothies. Currently obsessing about pear and raspberry blends with plenty of freshly squeezed lemon juice. And parsley, have you tried parsley in your morning juice? Full of iron and vitamins.

It's interesting the way Nutella has during the last fifty years been promoted as a healthy choice for starting the day. Small kids have from the earliest of age learnt that a sugar bomb to hazelnut spread is an important part of a nutritionally balanced diet. Big companies, backed by even larger organizations, who with their customized, familiar commercials have always found their way to brainwash and manipulate people and our societies. Looking at what Nutella contains compared to the one of raspberry or pear, or any fruit, herb or grain for that matter, the choice seems obvious. It is such a valuable thing to be in control over what we put into our bodies. To be aware and conscious about what we eat and drink, where it comes from and whatever the heck it actually contains, does ultimately give us freedom.

The further one can be disconnected from the greedy powers of large corporations that cares little about the end client, the better for our individual independence. There are many industries to consider obviously and it takes time, effort, will and knowledge to disconnect from all major businesses and instead support local and only ethically produced/fabricated as most of us are dependent on "necessities" such as computers, phones, other equipment, clothes, oil, fuel and the list goes on.. But to begin with, changing the way we think about food, is an easy transition and one that will immidiately reward us, as it will in the future.