Moving body parts

Might have mentioned that I've lost quite some weight since I dropped meat from my diet and drastically cut down on dairy. I've purchased clothes very rarely these years at sea so I don't have a very good sense of what has been my correct size and it surely doesn't matter either. But I got a shock when I tried on clothes in a store the other day and realized I had transformed into a size 0 and even garments in that size fell loose on my skinny figure. Even though I have to work much harder now to keep some curves on my booty, I feel pretty good being this lean. Not because I lost weight per se as I wouldn't mind getting some fat or at least some better defined muscles back on (proteins and squats hello!), but because I know that (almost) nothing but good stuff gets into my system these days (always weak for baked goods and a glass of wine every now and then obviously). In between my regular workout and cardio that I find important for keeping muscles, mind and body parts in shape, I'm currently working on a few yoga poses that I'm determined to perfect. One being the classic old handstand. Focus, practice and a balanced mind is the key as in many areas and pursuits in life. The thing I've learnt from yoga as well as from our calm quiet years at sea, is that our minds and bodies are limitless when it comes to progress. As long as you've made up your mind about what you wish to achieve, there's nothing stopping you. Except sprained wrists. Moving over to headstands till my hurt hand is better.