blissful melancholy

Sometimes you stumble upon the sort of music made by an artist or producer that makes you want to tear apart and throw away all preceding playlists you've ever created as every tone, beat, instrument and voice of this newly discovered love is so utterly perfect that it can be compared with nothing else you've previously heard. It doesn't happen too often, and it's partly a question about current mood and frame of mind obviously, but when it occurs it makes you catch your breath, your eyes fill with tears and you feel endlessly thankful that you met that specific person who introduced it to you/that website that lead you to it/that youtube video which recommended it, or however you fell upon your newfound musical obsession.

I've heard Milosh before in the form of his and Robin Hannibal's two man band Rhye which I absolutely adore from the bottom of my heart, too. But I had totally missed that the trailing voice of the duo had produced hauntingly beautiful music by himself since 2004.

It's the sort of music I'm always dreaming of finding on my countless hours scouring through the net but seldom do. Melancholic, soothing, sensual, sad and bottomless yet round, introspective music with depth and a variety of emotional layers in an intimate, soulful rhythm. Thinking about it, ever since I was very young I've been drawn to music that filled my eyes with tears. That brought me to sadness, got me thinking, moved me from reality and back right to it. I used those tones as an outlet and substitute for emotions that I couldn't put words on, nor express in ways my body and soul required, emotions which were hidden or suppressed, in a person not yet mature and ready to deal with the actual pain of loss and sorrow that life had brought onto her.

Milosh music moves me to the place within my soul that I still as an adult share only with myself. Even though words are easier constructed these days and feelings and emotions are in better control over - there's still a part of my heart which it seems that only music like this understands.

>These are my favorites by Milosh/Rhye, and this, this, this and this are some other tunes found on Youtube.

(If you for some odd reason still don't have Spotify, these are my favorite tracks: Another day, Gentle Samui, Verse, The world, Below, Open, Last dance, Remember the good things, One of those summer days.)

Milosh newest video above from his next album coming out next month, starring his wife Alexa Nikolas. In a press release on his upcoming album Jetlag, Milosh said: "Jetlag is an expression of my deep love for my wife, my happiness and excitement for a new place in my life, my sadness or fear of stepping out of my old life... Jetlag is about dancing between two worlds simultaneously, learning about myself through the process and ultimately making a choice to be with someone, to fully commit to that life even though it's on the other side of the world."

Can't recall last time that I looked forward to a release so much as I do with his new album.

Check out his website here and Facebook page here.