a common encounter

Some can definitely enjoy their natural freedom around here. The wildlife! We are still surprised at how easy going the wild animals seem to be living in these woods. This is a photo taken from our bedroom and it is a sight very common. One or a couple deers leisurely strolling along from one yard to another, eating what they please from trees and bushes. In only one night, we once saw a couple different herds of deer, a bunch of beautiful wild turkeys, a coyote and several skunks (or we didn't actually see the skunks, but scented their lovely strong odor through the closed car windows as we drove past). 

It is surprising to us that all this wildness hasn't been exploited yet. Which obviously only is a very good thing in my opinion. I could be wrong, but it seems to me that there is more hunting going on in Europe, especially in the Northern countries, and to bring home meat from the forest to the table is considered a very luxurious thing. Not sure about laws for hunting in this area, but it is a wonderful feeling every time that I see these animals in their true nature. And they're not too scared of human animals either! Let's hope it stays this way.

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