(side note to) $$$ and freedom

Before some of you people take offense next time and become sensitive about the fact that we might not share exactly the same worldview, you must learn to read correctly. I have nowhere stated that my thoughts should become universal law, nor am I running for presidency, and I did clearly say:

What exactly freedom is is up to every individual to find out, and when analyzing life, myself as well as looking at the history and evolution of man which stretches millions of years back in time and not only 237, I have come to some conclusions of what freedom means to me .... 

Besides the fact that I have mostly figured out for myself what freedom means to me, my text above also means (if you want me to explain further as some of you seem to have hard to understand my lousy English) that IF you are happy with working for a corporate business, buy four flatscreen tv's, have three cars, constantly refill your wardrobe with piles of labeled garments and eat GMO filled food, well then that is absolutely fantastic! I salute your decision of doing what you truly love and that you gain wealth, freedom and contentment from your chosen pursuits. We all have a choice. What I often question is merely, does everyone know that they have a choice? Have they searched and found what freedom and simple happiness really means, to them? Do they know what they really want or have they taken an outside image and made it theirs? And if they do know that there is a choice or two, are they then opting for what they believe is truly right? From the bottom of their hearts? Does their life's choices make them genuinely happy, or only falsely satisfied? On the short time we've spent here, I've seen a lot of emptiness in this country. Even if you have it all made and thought out for yourself, many others seem to live life on autopilot, almost as they were robots.

If you are happy with your life the way you lead it, then I am forever pleased for your sake. That is what life is about (in my opinion), to find your own personal interests and go for it. That is what we have done, and many of the other people we know and like. People who are either self-sufficient in one way or the other with their own companies or through their art, music or other pursuits that they share with the world, making the money they can in order to survive and lead a good comfortable life, but while truthfully enjoying the process with all what it means. Or, they're living very frugally, maybe sailing indefinitely, or in other ways working it out for themselves without being too much swallowed by commercialism and the whole pleasing-the-corrupt-system-monopoly-game. All those sorts of people are normally the ones that Alex and I get best along with for some reason. The ones that think for themselves and have made honest decisions based on self knowledge and an urge to live life to the fullest with open eyes and an open mind.

If you choose to see life differently than what I or we do, then that is totally fine and I am not going to argue with you. I'm sure we can learn something from each other, despite our differences. Like I said previously, it's a matter of defining the meaning of freedom. It doesn't have to be the same for you as for me.

Also I didn't point finger at only USA as some of you seem to have understood it. Quoting myself once more:

"This isn't only about America obviously, in many parts of the world, in particular in larger cities, are we wrapped up in the delusion and destructiveness of a natural human beings worst enemies - money, power and greed - I merely just use America as a prime example as it is more clear here than anywhere else I've ever been."

That last part is another personal opinion, based on my personal experiences after having traveled the world to 51 countries, stayed for more than two months in 11 of them, lived more than a year in 5 countries on 3 different continents and sailed oceans for a total of 3,5 years.

The funny thing with this US stop is that this country was never on our sailing itinerary, though we've visited before. Fate brought us here this time. And even though there are as many things we dislike about the US as there are things we enjoy about it, it has proven to be the most interesting chapter in our World Tour. America is a wonderful place in certain aspects, but it also makes me sad for other reasons. I have yet to find a place in the world that has it all though. I don't think such a thing exists, though I have my favorites (sharing those soon).

As with any other country we have visited on this sailing trip, I have the right to say and write whatever feels appropriate to myself, and it is lovely if some of you can relate, find inspiration or new ideas in what I have to say. But if you choose to get offended by my words and reflections, that doesn't really bother me too much. I am sure some of you have some opinions that I wouldn't enjoy listening too much on, that is why I try to make sure to read only websites/books and hang only with people that either shares my view of the world, or the ones that bring new interesting ideas and thoughts to the table which I want to learn more about.

This is an endless conversation. The one about freedom, money and true peace of mind, and I have another long article coming up here soon about what I truly need in terms of material, belongings and money, and how I work my way around it in a way that feels good and healthy for myself. I'm not a perfect person but I'm making active choices for my own wellbeing. Like I earlier said: we all need cash to survive, period. But the question should be, what is the right way to go for myself without sacrificing my health, freedom and happiness? I can only wish that you all have made your choices based on your own will and desires, and not someone else's.

Honestly I think a majority of you guys reading this particular blog are smart enough to go your way, or at least searching for the right way - corporate worker, business owner, creative or nomadic free spirit or however you wish to call yourself - I'm not sure why you otherwise would have started reading this blog in the first place. Remember that just because I talk about America, I do not necessarily talk about my American readers.

Thankful for the many different points of views on the subject. Answers to more questions coming up soon!

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