a fresh quinoa meal

Thought I'd show you one of my latest all vegan, all natural meals. Some of you have probably cooked with Tofyrky before as it is widely spread here in the US and also UK at least, but it's rather new to me and I must say this veggie sausage has an amazing flavor and offers great diversity. Like any good sausage.

I used the Tofyrky Kielbasa which has borrowed its name from the flavorful Polish meat sausage, and it's packed with garlic, onion, paprika and spices. Tofyrky has a base of organic tofu but tastes far more interesting than any plain old tofu and is a good vegan staple to keep at home at all times.
To go with it, I boiled up some quinoa. Salt, white pepper, chopped garlic and a squirt of olive oil for flavor.
While I browned the onions, tofyrky, grape tomatoes and chives in olive oil, Alex made his heavenly dijon cucumbers. It's basically a mixture made of olive oil, balsamico, dijon mustard, oregano, white pepper, salt and lemon juice (or white wine vinegar) that is poured over carefully peeled and thinly cut cucumber. We're having that approximately five times a week. Absolutely delicious in all its simplicity. We always try to keep it as a side dish to any given meal but somehow we always end up devouring it before dinner's served. It's just. So. Good.
Serve it up. I separated the quinoa in the image but tossed it all together right after shooting. The hearty flavors of the peppery tofyrko and stewed tomatoes combined with the fluffy grainy quinoa makes for a wonderful flavor sensation. So fresh so real so .... good for you. In particular if you use all organic ingredients like I've done. Some crispy fresh spinach right there at the bottom.
Finish off the meal with either a home made or all natural fruit sorbet and organic dark chocolate. I found a good sorbet from Talenti with only five ingredients: Raspberries, water, sugar, dextrose, lemon and carob gum

If you want to create your own sorbet which is a piece of cake but takes some time to freeze, you can use exactly those ingredients except perhaps dextrose, and the carob gum which is a natural vegetable gum harvested from a carob tree, and used for thickening stuff. Very easy to do your own and could be made with any fruit or berry of course. I made one with mango once in the Caribbean, remember