Was about to share my early winter playlist when I literally got interrupted by the new album of UK singer/producer Ghostpoet. Gotta love random online escapades that leads you to people, music or inspiration that adds an extra dimension to your regular every day and existence. Some say I so I say light had me listening to every track from the beginning to the end which isn't a typical event with other artists where you quickly jump between tunes in search for at least something of value. 

There are so many dimensions packed in those fifty minutes, from trippy dubstep, melancholia to more upbeat and it manages to surprise with every transition. His deep ghosty voice and deadly good cockney accent weaves it all together in an intoxicating way and I wanted to first compare him with Faithless but realize they are two separate worlds entirely. Can't get enough of this now. 

Do listen to the whole album tho, this is another favorite track. It's all simply genial.