all that is found within

Every day thankful for the opportunity to stay here in our friends beautiful house where we can recharge our batteries over the winter. Sometimes when looking at current situations or good events that are suddenly brought into ones existence, my first instinct is to think "damn we're lucky", but with a second thought, I always come to the same conclusion: You receive what you give. The energies you have sent out in the universe will always bounce back at you. Therefore is meditation and yoga or any training/exercise form that keeps you grounded, calm and focused very important in my eyes. Because it is when you are spiritually connected to your real self and have de-cluttered life that you can make the best decisions for yourself, and as a result, gain the collected thoughtfulness and time to be a better person to the ones around you. 

Since I for real started to get back to basics a few years ago, when I cut out a bunch of bad energies, worked on bringing myself to my most harmonic and settled version and aimed focus on what really is good for me, I have seen dramatic changes in how I respond to the outer world. And this is further improving for each day. It is also so very important to give oneself those quiet hours of solitude each week, because it is with non-distraction and utter peacefulness that we can fully reach the inner part of our soul where all love, energy and power is created.

Julianna Barwick's ambient, angelic music is something I can enjoy listening to when stretching and working on my yoga positions, this is her latest album. I also like this one from Lab's Cloud.