$$$ and freedom part III

This is partly, but very precisely what I meant with my first text about money & freedomwhen I expressed my sadness for the capitalistic world that we sailed right into after a few years spent on various lazy islands. 

Ok this might be a little harder for most of you to relate to, but it speaks to me on so many levels. This is the true definition of people dedicating time, hard work and love for something they truly and passionately believe in. Something they neither make money of nor do because someone asked them for it. It really doesn't matter if it's about rave parties, selling everything you have to travel the world, dedicating your time for art that pays less instead of working corporate, or breaking free from your regular 9-5 job in order to become a self-employed. It is the creative, openminded, daring, free thinking that I respect and will always support on any level it might be.

I don't say that anarchism or breaking the laws are always necessary to achieve what you want in life though I am not a stranger to it either as long as you do it respectfully without hurting anyone in the process (the guys in the video does it so skillfully and exemplary). But what I love about this clip as well as the people I have the fortune to know in life who shares this very same mindset, is that they go after what their heart feel is right and not what some politicians, hypocritical and controlling rules, society, god or education have told them. They go and get what they want and do not sit around waiting for someone to say "it's ok".

What is life after all, if not a very limited period of time in which we shall indulge in our true passions and fulfill what our hearts yearn for the most? What is life if we live all of it under control of others opinions, regulations and rulership? My hat off to everyone who dare break free from the status quo, and who realizes that letting go of all what we are supposed to be doing isn't a crime, but rather a necessity to be able to live life fully in a way that will fill their souls with an honest, real meaning.

Thanks to my good friends who always share good video material with me, dear Johnny in particular!

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