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Mmm, some chocolate pudding for breakfast. For breakfast? Yes, because you're an adult and you can do as you please. The good thing with this particular chocolate pudding is that it is truly good for you.

4 ingredients: 1 banana, 1 ripe avocado, 1tbs unsweetened Dutch cacao and a teaspoon or two of agave nectar.

You might think the avocado messes up the taste? It doesn't, it gives it a creamy, round flavor and given the nutritional value of this composition, you could be eating chocolate pudding any day of the week, any hour of the day. Add some raspberries, vegan chocolate chips or any of your preferred organic chocolate to give more flavor. Imma gonna try some blueberries in next round.
Here's a little something showing why food in especially this country isn't to be trusted. Many countries in the world have banned the use and production of GMO's and other dangerous chemicals in food, and not to mention certain hazardous prescription drugs, while here in United States you do not even have the right to know if the food you buy contains genetically modified crops or not. Why? Well…. have a look and you might understand what, like always, is the driving force number one for politicians.

The same companies that produces modified genes, supply toxic pesticides/herbicides for farming and use hormones and antibiotics in factory farms (all of these toxins which you later on will find on your plate), are the very same guys that are responsible for "protecting" this country's public health through regulations and supervision of food safety, tobacco products, dietary supplements, prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines and more. They are politicians and lobbyists who, in a perfect world, should be on the consumers side in regards to regulations and health concerns, but in real life only cares about profit.

One would wish that ones government was working for the society and for the health and safety of its own people, unfortunately that is just an utopia. 

The reason to why you experience organic food as expensive, is because the food that you call "normally priced", is cheap only because of the subsidies that has been made in favor of the people who has some sort of relation to all the non-real food that today makes up most of the food that is find in this society. Real farmers are rapidly being suppressed and as the video tells you, receives no governmental aid in keeping up the good job they live for. And which quite literally, would save our future.

Please be aware of what you eat and what you feed your children. Just because something is labeled "approved by FDA or USDA" - it doesn't necessarily mean that you are in safe hands. If you cannot grow your own food, at least make sure to cook as much food as you can with organic produce, always try buying from local farmers and independent producers and look for NON GMO labeled food in the super markets.