embracing challenges

A view like this feels so distant in our current situation, but like I said on our Facebook page last night, this temporary stop in winter land will have us enjoying and appreciating the upcoming sailing season and spring/summer of 2014 more than ever. 

Different seasons provide the opportunity to reflect upon the things one have and should be thankful for, but it also highlights the things that we long for most in other life constellations. A change is always good, I remember the times while still in the Caribbean when we were longing for change in climates, so now that we have it, we will make the best out of what there is and try to not complain about cold and bad weather too much. It could be easy to get frustrated for little things if one allows oneself to become frustrated. But knowing there's always an escape, or at least a specific goal that one is working towards, it makes the hard times worthwhile and even exciting somehow. It also helps to develop the ability to laugh about ourselves as well as weird/unpleasant situations, as a positive outlook on life will always reach so much further than a self chosen negative attitude. 

It's thanksgiving times here in the US this week but I hope you don't forget to be thankful for what you have also on other days and weeks of your life. There is always something to show appreciation towards.