warmer now

Now we're taking! The oil filled radiator heater that we just got works much better. It keeps the cabin at an acceptable 65ºF/18ºC all night through and is supposed to use much less electricity than the electric fan heater does. What's good is also that once turned off, it keeps radiating heat to the area for an additional time, and it doesn't make the air go dry as does the fan driven heaters. Plus it's totally silent. This heater, some yoga pants, long john's or stockings on, with a couple layers of wool socks and a thin sweater or two and you'll wake up warm and comfortable in the morning. 

Thinking we might need to follow Ty's advice and also add an infrared heater to the collection which we could use in the galley area first thing in the mornings after this oil filled one is switched off so that we can quickly have the other side of the boat heated once we're up making breakfast. Because running both 1500 watt's devices simultaneously through a 30 amp shore power cord might be to overload it? Knowing there's always a loss somewhere down the line. 

Thanks also to all others whom sent us tips! What would we have done without you. Deb suggested we put interlocking foam floor squares on the floorboards to insulate which sounds super smart, shall go hunt for them asap. Melissa from Toronto sent us very detailed information on how to install the shrink wrap system. Marjolein in Holland sent us this link showing how to heat up with a couple terra-cotta pots, and here was another one similar so as we have pots like that here already we will try that out soon too. Richard's suggestion to get a diesel heater running 24/7 is obviously the best possible thing, though they are a little over our winter budget unfortunately. I wonder if this one really come complete and fully functional for such a low price? Also the goldenrods sounds like something good to store in lockers to keep them dehumidified. 

I think we have most things under control now. Some insulation of hatches and ventilations coming up today, hoping to have that ready before the predicted rain arrives later this afternoon. Also heard snow has fallen in other parts of the state today, hoping it'll last a few more days before we receive it here.