food for soul

Like I said on my instagram today (@tarutuomi), Arabs sure know how to make good tea and pastry. Nothing like a cake made of nuts and natural honey rather than processed sugars, corn syrups and the likes. Served with delicious tea infused with the sweet flavors of cardamom, cinnamon and other warming spices. 

So many reasons to why we love these new neighborhoods, but the fact that it is a melting pot of different cultures is a big deal for us. I think that is something both Alex and I have always strived for in any previous chapter in life. To live in a place where you can feel the impact of mixed lifestyles. With an eclectic melange of different sorts of people of any age and background with contrasting life experiences, whom are speaking different languages and offer something unique and inspiring to one and the same place. 

Anything too one sided, narrow-minded and enclosed often leaves me feeling empty and claustrophobic. That is also the reason I as soon as I could decided to move from my small hometown as a teenager, to search for greater meanings and lessons in the larger, more openminded world outside. It was a search for more knowledge and awareness that hasn't stopped quite yet, and I hope it never will.

We haven't had much time yet to explore, but it seems to us that Cambridge is very socially and culturally interesting. You've got the Indians here, black barbershops down the road, a famous Eritrean/Ethiopian restaurant nearby, Middle Eastern bars and clubs, other Muslim or Christian Arabic as well as Jewish businesses, European influences in both culture and architecture - all very well mixed in with traditional American lifestyle. 

If nature, wildlife and the sea offer peace and calm to the mind in a meditative, introspective kind of way, then a colourful concoction of people and cultures present to us that other sort of stimulus and inspiration that our minds and souls so desperately need. What's even more fantastic is that this area not only offers the cultural mixture we love, but the water is ever present in form of both the river nearby and the ocean inlet where the boat is located. Not to mention the presence of nature and beautiful walkways a stone's throw away. I'd say this area is pretty close to perfection for now. How lucky are we to get to experience it from this up close.