just food again

You probably know that only very few things make me as happy as a good kitchen to troll around in. It is the center of a home and from where all wellness in life is born. The kitchen in this particular apartment that we have come to love, is not much larger than the one we have on the boat, though here the flooring isn't tilted, rather the ceiling! And of course, this particular kitchen offer much better storage possibilities, a fridge that stands upright and into which you do not have to climb, and it is also located right in the middle of a very curious triangle: Whole foods five minutes to the West, Trader Joe's same distance to the SW, and the central square of Cambridge with all affordable Indian restaurants and ethnic food markets four five minutes to the E. 

What a great sense of freedom and opportunity it gives, to live right in the middle of what you need everyday. A convenience that one can often long for while out sailing long distances. This area is not quite like New York City which would probably be the ultimate of the ultimates (dreaming about it on the daily), but nonetheless we have all what we need so near and that gives a sense of peace, comfort and stability.
 Not my creations obviously.
Since we converted into an even healthier lifestyle, it is nowadays extremely rare that we go out for dinners (so much money saved). Reason for it being mainly that it is only a very few sorts of restaurants that you trust to make as healthy and nutritious food as yourself. There are times and places where you obviously can't demand the clean, organic quality you are used to at home. But as much as possible, I prefer buying and cooking all our foods myself. Truth be told, I have become one of those annoying organic nerds that can spend hours searching and researching about that specific product, only to make sure it is made by a reliable source. 

Having said that, there are times and moments when you choose to drop the guard, and as it was like hundred years since we last had Indian, and I actually never in my previous life before have ordered an Indian meal completely vegetarian (chicken tikka masala or lamb korma was my go-to meals back in the days), we decided to give it a go the other night. At $8.99 for a take away meal that fed two I guess you can't expect the highest ever quality of oils and produce, but it sure did taste good. I probably should amp up my Indian cooking skills and try a similar meal out at home. Those veggie samosa's in particular are to die for.