mixed photos from the last two weeks

How good does it feel being back at home on the boat, filling up shelves and lockers with good organic foods. Latest addiction: peanut butter and honey sandwiches on wholewheat bread. Seriously tasty stuff! This bottle of honey was bought during our stay in Curacao and its label is written in the cryptic papiamento
Visited our friends house in the forest. Those jacuzzis are pretty good sometimes. Offering an escape from cold winds with its 104ºF. Only thing missing now is snow falling down outside the windows.
Cranberries, figs, raspberries, pear and banana smoothie. Love these organic cranberries from New England. Speaking of freedom and money as I've done a lot lately, I will review that orange book for you soon which offer many valuable tips on the subject.
My tired face trying out a local pizza joint in North End on day of arrival to Boston last week.
Warming fish soup. Oh how I've missed dill!
 Nothing greater than watching the person you love doing what he loves the most.
 Gojiberry smoothie with basil.
Bare naked trees and crispy blue skies. December already, huh? With the right amount of clothes on it's working real good. Only the really windy days that are terrible so far… evil wind that penetrate through bones. Those days are best spent indoors with the heater going full force, relaxing music in the speakers, comfort food on the table while working on a stimulating project or with a good book in hand...