outside the window

Yesterday before my bath, I sat by the window on one side of the apartment to observe these new neighborhoods from above. Suddenly a whole bunch of birds came flying into the backyard, chirping and singing and bringing a whole lot of noise. These beautiful birds might be common around here, but I have rarely seen such bright coloured feather creatures this far from the tropics. 

I spent almost an hour by the window watching them eating nuts from branches, and the squirrels doing their thing on ground level, chasing each other up the trees. Thankful that in the middle of the week I can allow myself such a quiet break and completely absorb and relish in what is going on around me.

There is so much beauty to soak up so near us at all times. I continue to be amazed by the wildlife here in New England and I appreciate all these little encounters. Natural beauty and a flourishing nature enriches our minds and it is meditative and inspiring to take part of and observe the nature's own unpretentious beings leading a very uncomplicated, simplified life.

The last image taken from the window pointing towards the church, does remind of France in so many ways. I love the Mansard roofs that are so typical to France, a style which was adopted by the US, particularly here in New England in the early 1900's.