winter wonderland

Snorkeling in tropical waters full of colourful fish and healthy reefs, watching dolphins play in the wild and jump at your bow, and experiencing seasons first snow storm (or for us the first one in a longer while) - they all seem to transform grownups into happy carefree children for a second. Or is that the reason why we enjoy this so much, cause we haven't lived with real winter and snow for quite some years? And because we know (still hoping) it will be the last one in many? Or simply because it's such a naturally beautiful phenomenon. Whatever the case, it does make for a dreamy surrounding, this heavy white blanket covering these streets. 

I love the compact sound the bed of snowflakes gives to the world. Especially nighttime when traffic has dissipated and it seems as time stands still. Almost makes you feel you're inside of a snow globe. It is a weird and fascinating globe and planet we are moving about in anyhow. Just the fact that the earth is constantly spinning at 1,040 miles / hour. Or 465 meters per second. While gravity and momentum keep us firmly to the ground. How bizarre is life, and our utter existence. How in the world could we ever take ourselves too seriously? No but really?

Maybe we'll never find answers to universe's biggest questions. In any case, I think it's wise to savor and fully appreciate and feel thankfulness for each precious day, for so long as they are granted to us.
A glass or two of warming homemade gl├╝hwein seems a good idea after a late night walk in the snow..