Sailors come in all varieties

Even if we have the luxury of borrowing a lovely flat for a few weeks over the winter, the boat in the marina is still our home. Who would do such a mad thing, some of you might wonder. Live on a sailboat in winterland during the coldest time of the year? 

Well, we're obviously not the only ones. 

Each December, Constitution Marina in Boston Harbor invites their guests and clients to a Christmas dinner in one of the great Italian restaurants in the North End. We were lucky to take part of it, as it gave us a great opportunity to try figuring out who all the other crazy people are, our neighbors, who willingly spend four-five months of the year on water. In the winter. This is still so new to us.

There's currently somewhere around 150 live-aboards in our marina and fifteen of them are kids. Some of these folks have stayed there for fifteen winters in a row. Instead of an apartment in the city, they've chosen to live on a boat. Which obviously is a great option, as you get the best possible location right in the center of the city, plus you are able to move your home someplace else each summer. Other sailors are temporary visitors from foreign countries, just like ourselves. A few of these kids were born during the time their parents lived in this particular marina, so they've lived their whole lives on water.

Pretty amazing mixture of people, wouldn't you say?!