miss that beach hair

Find two errors in the image in the post below. 

✔ Tan all gone! - feeling like an invisible ghost.

✔ My ankle problem is still there. Can you see the weird bump on my left foot? Still haven't figured out what exactly this is. Any blog doctors with suggestions? It's like the bone has grown out of shape and it is kind of soft in texture. Feels like cartilage. I think this thing started to grow after I stopped wearing high heels when we left sailing four years ago and I imagine it's getting a little bigger with time and it also tend to get swollen and slightly painful when I've overloaded the foot, exercised too much and so on. Should probably have it x-rayed like I was recommended but as it normally doesn't hurt I figured it can't be too dangerous anyways? Anyone else with same sort of defect?

Happy Martin Luther King day everyone!