c'est la vie

Within the short period of 24 hours we had time to decide that we wanted to leave the US for a tropical beach for the weekend. We reserved tickets, packed our backpacks, built excitement, woke up by a vicious storm shaking our mast, and just as we were on our way out to catch the bus to the airport, we received an automated call from American Airlines informing us our flight and every other flight towards the same direction today were canceled due to the storm. Great! Thank you mother nature for getting in between us and our quick spontaneous decisions. What were we thinking? Sailors should know better.

We could've rebooked to a flight the day after but it would only give us two nights away rather than four as we needed to be back on Monday so the hefty price increase and long layovers really didn't make sense to us at this point. Spontaneity is wonderful when left free and moving, but looses its glory when disrupted or controlled.

So I guess we'll see you another time, warm weather, coconut drinks, sunrise beach yoga and sunburnt skin.
What a difference a day make? Especially in New England. Hard to believe these pics were taken three days apart.