up north we went

Oh well… what is a day on a Mexican beach anyway. Sweaty, salty, sand in my eyes, hair and where not, annoying mosquitos, sunburns and bikini lines… and totally wonderful and liberating of course.

Our weekend home in Montreal isn't too shabby either. And the fabulous Canadian insulation and heating system keeps the place at 25ºC. What's not to like? Let's not talk about the enormous snow drifts outside, or the -15ºC it shows on the thermometer through the window. Or the lack of sunshine on the grayish sky. Irrelevant. I can stay indoors pretend all this never happened. Give me good food and wine and I'll survive. 

P.S: Hit us up with your best Montreal tips if you have some in store. Want to check out some cool bars, coffee shops and clubs mainly. Judging on the people in the metro tunnels I can feel this city has some edgy places to discover. If we manage to drag ourselves out from this warm condo that is. Not best friend with six layers of sweaters right now.