on sharing

Sometimes I can feel a huge longing for the day when I can involve you all in our life more than I am able to right now. Other days I feel very content with being this anonymous and off the Interwebs as we have been lately. Existence is a little different when you spend your time living life, and not by talking about the life you lead. Your everyday life becomes more full and real, if that makes sense. I love the interaction we all have had for a few years now, but this winter I have also realized how much I love the intimacy with life that I have gained by sharing less with the outside world. Still working on finding that right balance. Check in on my Instagram (@tarutuomi) or our Facebook in the meanwhile if you want to get a small glimpse of what we're up to when no time, space or energy for blogging. Spring is in the air again by the way, hopefully to stay this time!