comfort travel

Through one of my main commitments with which I spend most of my awaken time these days, I've had the wonderful opportunity to meet a wide range of very fascinating characters from all over the world. Poets, nuclear negotiators, writers, professors, psychiatrists, doctors, meditation teachers, art directors, artists and anything else in between. 

Ian, the friendly English chap that I've befriended through our shared passion for food and interesting places that serves it, lives here in Cambridge with his family. Besides the coffee and British shoe connoisseur that he is, he also possesses a great collection of British vintage bikes from the 60s and 70s. Occasionally he lends or rents them out to friends and he's finally convinced me to get one too. What better way of city traveling is there anyways? Now that the snow is supposedly over and done with for this winter and all. 

Can't describe the relief of not having to use the subway any longer. It has been momentarily depressing to be honest. A whole new world suddenly opened up before me, I can see the light and hear the birds instead of the noise of dark underground transportation. Now I should only convince Alex to getting one too and we're all set for embracing spring in the city.

I call this Raleigh Sprite bike the red nymph ..