morning light

We have gained an additional hour of daylight in the evenings which makes all the difference. And my six thirty alarm is most often accompanied by a crisp clear sunrise stretching its light across the river. Light gives hope and energy. We're slowly getting there for real. Aren't you guys anxious for a new sailing season too? Soon..

It's been such an interesting season, this winter. I enjoy positioning myself in other peoples shoes to gain understanding for their life and lifestyle and this past period of November-March has taught me a few new important things about patience and endurance. About a different sort of strength as well as stubbornness. Because one has to be pretty stubborn to be able to cope with such a harsh climate year after year.

I was born in similar temperatures and it's definitely not something I would recommend as for a way of living because sun energy is way too important to me. But it's been interesting getting to experience the darkness all over again. This time colder than ever before I would say, given the fact that we've spent 80% of our nights inside of a poorly insulated boat. Pretty mad actually. But like I like to say these days: It's never a good thing to become too comfortable in life, eh!