reality check

Hey friends. I know I am the slackiest blogger in universe and the longer time that goes in between each post, the harder it seems to get back to it. But man does it feel good not to have the pressure of being connected each and every day. It's been an eye opener to say the least.

We are currently wrapping up some very important jobs/projects/necessities here in New England and there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day for both doing that and all else what one wishes to do in life, plus sharing all about it with the outside world on top of it all. It's about priorities obviously.

I have taken thousands of photos, began writing hundreds of blog posts this past fall, winter and spring and 95% of the times I end up not posting cause I'm like: Who cares about what I do? Why am I sharing this with people I don't even know? Let's have a beer instead and enjoy this beautiful sunset.

It could be a phase, or the winter cold could still be in my bones. But I have after all been writing about my life and whereabouts for the past ten years so it seems that a little break and a healthy reality check was overdue. Real life definitely tastes more when not always in a rush to share only the most interesting parts of it with the online/outside world. Every day blogging is a pretty twisted thing when you think about it.

This slow blog period has made me appreciate things that I haven't considered in the same way before. I also feel that I live more in the moment than in a very long time. Maybe more than ever. I wish I could share about it all: thoughts, events, realizations. But as soon as you make blogging a daily duty, you decrease your ability to live in that very moment, in just that exact real way that I wish to live life these days. 

Writing and photographing will always make me happy so to cut them out completely isn't an option, but it should come naturally and when time feels right. First have to find the time obviously.

All is good here anyways, things are moving in the right direction for us and we can't wait to get out sailing a bit soon again. Just need to wrap some stuff up first. Many ideas, plans, wishes on the to do list and a few obstacles to overcome too of course. Just like in the life of most of you.

Laters amigos. Thinking of you. Hope you're all well.

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