Spring projects continued

A partial re-decking and re-caulking of the cockpit is under progress. Alex replaced most of the margin board and a few other teak planks in the cockpit. The old caulking has been removed in the old seams. Seams has been re-grooved, sanded and cleaned. Tape is up and now re-caulking of the seams are being done before the final sanding of the teaks to new wood will take place.

We've had it rain free here for a few days now so cross your fingers it'll stay that way for at least another 24 hour. It's always a race against the clock and the weather for these sort of outdoor projects. And rain is definitely no stranger to New England. At least the awning gives shelter from minor downpours.

Next thing up after that:

Varnishing of coamings and cabin top sides. We've started stripping the old varnish off as you can see above. Varnishing is a life long project as you might know. Min. 3-4 coats x 2 a year for regular maintenance.

We once had a dream of owning a complete wooden boat, but the time we'd have to spend working on it just didn't seem justifiable. Our Duende (with glass hull, wooden deck, wooden coach roof and wooden interior) require just the doable amount of attention, it stops right before you actually begin to loose your mind. 

It goes without saying that the long cold, wet winter directly exposed to the weather wasn't the best of experiences for the wood so it can only get better from here onwards.

Here's hoping for a long, warm spring and summer!

Check in here for some of the work and restoration that has been done on the boat in the previous few years.