carpe diem

you can stop listening to the superb Etta Bond @ 2.57 though as the end kills the vibe
Currently obsessing hard over otherworldly Shabazz Palaces. A journalist said this about them: "Take the essential elements of gangsta rap: the plainspoken narratives, throbbing bass lines and West Coast sheen. Pack it with today’s trap music, a little dancehall reggae and Afrika Bambaataa’s planet-rocking electro-funk. Crumple it into a ball and fling it to Mars. That’s Shabazz Palaces."

The feeling of contentment and sense of freedom when you realize it's past noon and you're still in bed youtubing and soundclouding brilliant hip hop tunes since you woke up at 9.30 am. Was a while since last! My freedom is slowly coming back to me after ten months of slavery (I define slavery as all things that involves work for someone else that you really wouldn't choose doing unless money was of direct value). I can finally see light in an almost year long tunnel of early morning wake ups, midnight shift ends and frustrating people encounters. Learnt so much though, seriously. One day I'll tell you all about it.

Moving on from here, I will soon tell you what are our sailing and life plans for the next ….. few months. Cause it really doesn't make sense planning, or at least speaking about plans that spans for a longer period than so. Life's an ever surprising unpredictable lil bitch so better just embrace the moment and go with the flow.