onepiece of consciousness

Finally after two weeks of vacay have I been able to get some tan back on. Right in time for falls arrival hehe. The golden tone on my skin makes me want to wear this delicious one piece at all times.  If you fancy something sweet and retro that also is made by hand in sustainable fashion, head over to my shop and get it there

This swimsuit is designed by Ellie Rhodes and her brand ELLE EVANS SWIMWEAR in Melbourne, Australia. All her designs are made with the goal of ending up with minimum fabric waste, thus she only uses post consumer waste fabrics (remnants discarded by bigger companies that would otherwise go to landfill) or recycled nylon which uses 80% less energy in production than regular ‘virgin’ nylon. 

In today's extraordinarily wasteful society, I think it is relevant and important to pay attention to what we consume and to try make conscious decisions in regards to our shopping and spending habits. 

The few times that I actually purchase things these days, I much rather choose to put my hard earned money on sustainable small-scale companies, brands that has put an extra step of thinking process and a little more compassion into their production, rather than promoting mass production where only profit margin is of importance. It's pretty much the same way I think about the food I buy. 100% rather do I purchase local, organic, non-gmo produce than all the fake food that most super markets are stocked with. I don't always find an option, but I do what I can to support the things and products and people that I believe does things for a good cause.

It is not possible to change the whole world as we all know, but we can change our own life and surrounding and hopefully inspire others to do a little better choices for themselves for the sake of health, nature, our environment and the worlds future.

Check in here if you want to get one of these swimsuits for yourself or someone your love.

P.S: A few of you have excitedly asked if I have gained weight as of late, and while my booty has gotten a bit rounder (which is a bonus imo) from all the biking and squatting I've done this spring and summer, I think it is more that I have made sure to not care too much about discarding photos that aren't perhaps my best shots or angles at all times.