liquid staples

Besides a ton of fresh organic fruit, I always keep a few of these bottles readily available in the fridge:

Santa Cruz 100% organic lemon juice (good for cooking, baking and juicing alike).

Good Belly probiotic organic and non-gmo juices (obsessed with the natural ingredients and flavor).

Harmless Harvest 100% raw and organic coconut water (the only raw, organic, unaltered, never heated coconut water on the market).

All three superb alone (perhaps not the lemon juice) or mixed as base in any sort of fresh fruit juice concoction.

Add a bit of your favorite champagne to your next juice to spice things up on a hot summers day. My tips is to always keep a few of the small sized bottles around. Comes in handy when you're in the mood for a glass or two but not a whole bottle. Especially practical on this boat as only one of us drinks.