everyday improvements

I've given up on trying to talk Alex into sitting back and relaxing in a quiet anchorage for a lengthier time as creating something, building or fixing or simply doing something at all times clearly is what his mind requires. 

It's a double feeling for me of course, who often love to kick back, enjoy the moment and analyze and discuss or plan future ideas and the worlds all problems preferably with a nice glass of wine in hand. Especially now that I've spent approximately 50-60 hours a week slaving working since October last year and I almost was about to give my right arm away for a full week or two of snooze. 

But on the other hand, Alex's determination to constantly improve and work on physical (or musical) projects consistently makes our home and world a little better, stronger, safer and nicer so for that I am always very thankful of course. It also gives me all the time I need and require for reading, writing, meditating, working on my newest endeavor and whatever else that I find so important for my soul. 

Thinking about it, I think Alex's strong work ethics and his constant strive for physical improvement in our living space might be one of the most crucial reasons to why our relationship and life in such small space works as well as it does. It gives us ample time off each other, even when we literally spend most time together if that makes sense. That sort of character goes well with my personality, who need and enjoy spending most hours of the day alone. It does get frustrating from both sides in different ways occasionally obviously, but in the big picture I think the constellation is what make things work so well as a whole. And with time it feels we've learnt to manage and adapt to each others very different sort of needs. Eg: me lending a helping hand whenever he needs it, and he being more conscious about putting tools and other miscellaneous stuff away once he's done.

What you see in the image above is the frame of the new cockpit table that he's made in teak which has been glued and assembled, temporarily fixed to the saloon table. Going to be marvelous to finally have a proper table to dine on also outside.