easy rider

Two of the things Alex have missed the most on our years of sailing (besides family and friends of course), was to work in a studio, and owning a Harley again. You know already that he's back in the studio for the time being, and so the search for the perfect bike has been something that's consumed most of our evenings as of late. My evenings too, cause what every sensible woman know is that the way to (world) peace and harmony is to first make sure her man is happy and entertained. 

So after a few weeks of search on Ebay and Craigslist we finally found this stunning red beauty for the right price, low mileage and much closer to home than expected. Well that is after I managed to fend off the ideas of buying a super cheap and run down Harley cause "I can fix it up in no time".. Hell no, can't deal with another renovation project now that the boat finally starts to feel alright.

He's owned many Harley's before, and this particular one from 98 is very similar to the Dyna Super Glide 98 that he had previously, though this one is a Wide Glide and red instead of the blue he had before.

Given that it also was his birthday yesterday, it wouldn't have been possible to find a better thing to do than head out on our first ride in four years. Especially since the glorious summer weather's still going strong here in New England. We rode through Cohasset and the stunning Jerusalem road and Atlantic Ave, and down through Marshfield and Duxbury and back. 

And what does this bike purchase mean for our sailing journey now you wonder? Well we've decided to stick around the US a bit longer, still have so much to see outside of MA and there's still so much business for us both to take care of here. Now that our O-visa applications for three years got approved as well (much thanks to experienced and super knowledgeable lawyer Eric Lorenzo at Barst Mukamal in NYC), everything is much easier both work and travel wise. 

In regards to the bikes future, it probably won't be a walk in the park, but it is definitely technically possible to bring the bike with us anywhere we go with the boat, dismounted below deck, if we really wanted to. Shipping is obviously another option if it comes to that. Thankfully we don't have to plan that far ahead in time right now and we're going to try and enjoy the most of this end to the summer that there is left. And then plan for some nice out of state bike excursions for fall..