What success means to me and the 7 most important things in life

Does it sometimes feel like you'd like to cut yourself in several parts to be able to keep up with life and its obligations? "I wish the day had more hours" is a typical saying you often hear said out loud, often with a leaning towards pride in the voice. Manifesting a belief that being stressed and busy is a sign of being successful. 

Being ambitious and productive most certainly moves life forward. You make more money, you meet more people, you travel to more places, you might learn more, you see more, you experience more, you get to consume more, you …. and suddenly a sense of non-fulfillment, dissatisfaction and failure catches up on you. 

You get difficulty sleeping, you might get anxious and worried that you're missing out, you blame yourself for not being adequate enough, for not being the best friend/partner/parent that you would want to be, you stress out for not having all the clothes, things and material you'd like to possess. And the sense of constantly lacking something eats you up from inside, leaving you feeling that the only way to get rid of that sense of emptiness, is to keep filling the empty hole with more things, more experiences, more achievements. More of everything.

People have different ways of expressing dissatisfaction in life. It could be by comparing themselves with others, throwing a jealous glance at what someone else have that you don't. Some get greedy and step on people to move forward. Down-talking or gossiping about others. Some people get depressed and take to binge eating, or the opposite; you starve yourself cause you feel you're never really skinny enough. Others simply run through life so fast they start neglecting the things that are, or should be, the most important aspects in a humans life:

Eat healthy - Sleep well - Value, show appreciation and give time to people close to your heart - Show respect and kindness to others - Connect to nature - Be true to yourself and your beliefs - Breathe easy. 

Breathe easy.

Let the fear of being insufficient shake off your shoulders. 
Be thankful for what you have. Scale down material needs. Let go of social expectations.
You've got nothing to prove.

The roadrunner lifestyle that many people voluntarily sign up for pushes a human soul from its core needs and replaces natural human growth with superficial wealth. That sort of rushed lifestyle is destructive to the real experiences, love and natural fulfillment you could be gaining, would you only allow yourself to stop looking for happiness on the outside, and realize true harmony can only be achieved by being content with what you have, and where you are right now. 

Scaling down, with no need and urge to constantly do and gain and achieve something. Removing false layers of unhealthy behaviours and a quest for material richness, and opening your heart to what really is important - is the best gift you can give yourself and the people you have close.

Success, in my world, is not measured by how much you've achieved, what things you own and how much money you've made, and therefore does wealthy people or financially successful businessmen and women seldom inspire me more than anyone else. Because money and material in itself has no soul connection and any given image or lifestyle can easily be bought and adopted by anyone with the right set of opportunities.

Success, according to me, is merely measured by how well you've managed to incorporate your core desires into your everyday life, and how much you truthfully enjoy living the life you've created for yourself without a need of flaunting or exaggerating or being malicious or greedy to make yourself look greater/happier/more successful/more intelligent/better off than the next person. 

Success to me is also being truthful to your real values, values gained by self sourcing information without jumping onto the beliefs of the loudest outside influencer, and by always being reflective to both sides of a coin. It is being fair and consistent in what you believe regardless of the political, financial or social outcome of your beliefs and your expression of them. It is having integrity as well as having an understanding for others.

Success comes when you are at peace with what you have and where you are regardless of the battles and suffering we all have to go through every once in a while. And when you have learnt that being helpful and kind to others offer a greater sense of fulfillment than always putting yourself and your own needs first.

I, like every other human being, fail to always live up to my own ideals, but having developed a good sense of when I feel most at peace and when the universe and I seem to sync and collaborate the best, it is nowadays much easier to hold onto my core beliefs than what it might have been in the past when I still filled my life with all kinds of distractions and unhealthy behaviours. 

Time and life makes your human soul and mind grow and develop to the better, but only if you allow it to. Keep your heart open, and guide yourself to the good you know is true and right from within.