daily progress

THIS is how happy one become when opening the oven to find such a perfectly cooked - golden, fluffy, sweet scenting, crispy apple cake made with fresh apples from the local farm. Cooking, and more so, baking, vegan foods is a whole different league altogether and it makes me extremely happy and proud each time my experiments lead me to a recipe that is so good that even non-vegan people love what they taste and come back for more. I honestly thought it was going to be hard working against all the stuff most people are used to - butter, eggs and milk - but really, it's just the first threshold that you've got to get past. Now that I know how to substitute each one of them so well, that is when things start to get interesting for real.
And when the bread you let rise for 14 hours comes out of the oven like this... worth all the wait in the world.
Oven roasted mushrooms with olive oil, sea salt and pepper. Perfectly fine to eat as snacks as they are (I always end up eating half off the tray as they come out), or chop them up into stews or soups. J'adore.

You people are so quiet here in the blog these days (more active on Facebook it seems), hence slower updates from over here. Hope you all have had a great summer and that you too are working on some fulfilling things this fall and winter!