Historias de España

Raül Fernández Miró and Sílvia Pérez Cruz, two of Alex's long time clients from Spain released a great new album a little while ago, called Granada. Raül is undoubtedly one of Spain's most interesting and most sought after producers right now. He's constantly coming out with one mind blowing release after another.

Sílvia is on the other hand one of the stronger female voices of the country. She started off her musical career as the co-founder and lead singer of flamenco pop band Las Migas but is now going solo and often seen collaborating with Raül. It seems nothing can go wrong when these two multi-talented Catalan artists work together. The song in the video above has a very special effect, I think not only on myself. But there's no way I can listen to it without crying. It's like an internal button that hits each time it's played. In particular in the studio Alex works where sound is impeccable and it feels like Sílvia is whispering delicate words right into your ear.

Here's another fantastic piece of art, (Sílvia sings in six different languages on that particular album):
Check out Raül's Facebook here and Sílvias here. Their latest album Granada can be found on many places online but only on iTunes is also the first song I showed you, included.

Here you can find some info about Alex's music mastering affairs if you missed it last time.