weekend tripping

As something of a tradition (cause we are getting older now it seems and we suddenly feel like it is nice to have some sort of routines in our lives), we left the boat early in the weekend and headed as South as possible for a two day trip. The Cape wouldn't be much warmer than Southern Boston we thought, but at least the forecast gave promise of a sunny 27C (80F) in the whole region and so a beach town felt like just the right sort of entertainment in between two industrious weeks of work. 

We drove through winding roads on old state highway 3A, over the Sagamore Bridge that we've sailed beneath a couple times previously, onto Route 28 through gorgeous towns and bays of South Western part of the Cape all the way down to Woods Hole. It's pretty remarkable how beautiful is the nature and relaxed atmosphere of the Cape, so glad we got to do another trip down before all colours fade out for winter. If only the weather could stay like this, we repeated, like what if this was the coldest it would get in a year. What a waste of wishes.

The above images are from a wonderful vintage motel called The Old Landing that we had the great pleasure to stay in. David who owns and runs this little gem of a place at the very bottom of the cape in Dennisport by Nantucket Sound, is a fun and hospitable boniface, originally from California. The type that tells you great stories and makes you coffee in the morning. Motels (or motor-hotels) can be a hit or miss, and you can't always be sure to find a place that's as clean as you require, but this was hands down the tidiest and freshest of all motels we've ever stayed anywhere. Big love of course for the old school feel and trippy colours in our room. Would not have expected to feel so good about this place, judging by the (also old school) website of the property that we checked before arriving. But I guess a good surprise is better than a bad one.

If you ever plan to stay anywhere on the Cape, make sure to consider getting in touch with David at The Landing Hotel. Did I mention the beach is across the street from your room? And they have their own clam shack/bakery in which you can get served homemade pastry for breakfast, right by the water.