last minute deals

Ok we are leaving very soon and if I was a neurotic person I would have probably been a complete mess right now. We did make the decision to sail 1500 nautical miles, half of which will be through winter weather, only a week ago. We are moving our life and home to a whole different place, and we must get going asap to not get stuck in worse weather systems that are so prone for this time of the year. So there is a fair amount of things to get done in terms of boat preparation, packing up, provisioning, installing of a water heater, engine servicing, taking farewell of people, ordering of engine parts that must arrive within the next 48 hours etc etc... it does not help that I drank a bottle of prosecco last night (as part of the farewell procedure). It rather makes the organization a tad more... confused... much to my mans chagrin.

The reason why I've allowed precious time for writing this post, is that I wanted to let you know that I have lowered the prices on all recently uploaded things in my shop because I really want to get these things sent out before we leave as it might take a while before I get a new opportunity to do so. 

The only real reason why I'm showing the backside of myself in today's post is because I found one of those beige bags in my friends place, and that one is now on the shop as well.

If you buy two Colombian bags, I will send you a third, smaller one, free of charge. Plus now it's free shipping on all orders above $50.