Goodbye Captain's Cove Marina in Quincy and everyone else in Massachusetts! We left a few days ago and are now in Buzzards Bay waiting for slightly less wind so we can steer over to Newport. Should happen today. The wind's been brutal so far and air pretty cold obviously. The coldest we've ever sailed. But like I said on my Instagram, we're slowly getting closer to Southern warmth so it will be worth freezing toes and fingers off now for a few days. Our dear friend Michael has been right all along, it all depends on just how many layers you wear. Thanks for all the warm wool sweaters, and everything else you've helped us with over this past year!

Follow our trip on Insta or better yet on our Facebook page where I post daily. Easier to connect to it while underway. You don't need to be a registered Facebook user to check our progress.

If anyone is looking for a good place to keep the boat, winter or summer season, do make sure to consider Captain's Cove in Quincy. We stayed there from April to November and it's a very friendly, quiet and super affordable place to stay. Thanks for great service Kimberly, Tim, Mike and the crew!