six months till spring?

Here we go again! Second nor'easter storm approaching in such a short period of time. What does this say about the following six months of winter coming up? We do not look forward to it at all to be honest. Have contemplated whether to put the boat on the hard and live in our friends house on the South Shore for the winter. Or stay on the boat like last year, but with the difference that we'd stay on the boat almost all nights rather than only 75% of the nights that was the case during the previous winter when we had a great little apartment in Cambridge to escape to every now and then.

Neither of our current options are perfect. Because you know, living on a boat in the winter is a very chilly and quite draining business. And staying in our friends house on the South Shore of Boston might've been good for me who have the kitchen nearby, but for Alex whose work is in Cambridge, it would mean four hours of commuting each day (traffic is HORRIBLE around here) and that is naturally not very practical. Plus it would mean we'd have to buy a car since the bike can't be used more than until the first snow falls.

An additional option would be to rent a more accessible apartment over the winter that would be somewhere in the middle of our two work places (25 miles/40 km from the kitchen where I work to Alex's studio). That would be a place that was located near a metro station that we both could make use of. But a minimum of $1000 in rent per month will end up at $6000 USD before the winter is over, and really, those are the sort of bills we're trying to escape by the choice we have made to live on a boat. Hauling the boat or keeping it in a marina are costs enough. Not to mention boat maintenance, winterizing of engine, shrink wrapping, additional heater etc. It just seems silly living with one foot in each world, paying double just for the fun of it.

Winter is pretty much here already but we have still not decided what and where, and we're planning on procrastinating a little while longer just for the sake of.... indecisiveness. The only "good" thing with this procrastination is that the longer we keep the boat in the water just the way it is, the longer can we keep holding onto the slight (tiny) hope of us being able to leave this cold climate behind and sail South. One shall never let go of dreams! haha... oh my god. not sure how we would/could deal with another winter here.

Anyways. There's an expected 50+ knots coming our way in the next 12 hours so we decided to move the boat to a more secure spot in the inner harbor. We're now protected by a larger houseboat. Let's just hope the docks stay where they're at so that said houseboat does not come rumbling into us in the middle of the night. Life on a boat, always exciting!
X is more or less where we're at.