Follow your mood and see where it takes you

Just wanted to take a moment and say THANK YOU everyone for reading and following along. For the ones of you who comment here and especially on Facebook where you make the most sound. And the emails we receive, even though I am extremely bad at replying emails. Know I read every single one and if you want to be sure to get a hold on any of us, leaving a comment on the blog, Facebook or Instagram seem to be the best solution for a quick reply. 

The year and a half in a not so likeable climate had a greater impact on life than what I might have thought. So many positive things learned which I will discuss later on, but what it also did was that the cold weather blocked my creativity and urge to read, write and create. And I occupied myself with only the absolute minimum of what I felt I needed to. Work came first of course and I think in that regard, the past 16 months have been some of my most productive ever. But the simple pleasure of picking up a book for example, was non existent. It's very interesting. Especially watching myself now, anxious to read and re-read every book on the shelf, write endless chapters about just about anything and express myself in ways I had hidden underneath twelve layers of sweaters.

It is fascinating to see just how sensitive I must be as a human. Dependent on light and warmth to fully be myself in the way I think I was molded. It all makes perfect sense of course. Sun is light is life is pleasure. But still, I find it thought-provoking and beautiful at the very same time, that we in such a material and industrialized world still can be very in tune with the nature (though I suppose living on a boat connects you one step closer). That natural flow and intuition is what I am aiming at following better once again. Have so many sunshine hours to catch up on now, yet I am still very thankful for the darkness we endured in New England. As it made me so much more appreciative to the new-found life situation of today.